William W. Cairns The House On Telegraph Hill
Memoir of childhood abuse and a lifetime after.
The House On Telegraph Hill (An Asylum): Growing Up with Abusive Parents and a Lifetime After

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I'm Charles S. Wilson, author of The House On Telegraph Hill (An Asylum): Growing Up with Abusive Parents and a Lifetime After.

About the Author
Charles S. Wilson has been a member of the Army, an electrician, and an engineer. He received an associate's degree in electrical technology and engineering and a bachelor of science in physics from a nearby technical institute.

About his latest book; a memoir on childhood abuse; The House On Telegraph Hill (An Asylum) Growing Up with Abusive Parents and a Lifetime After.

The doors of the house inhabited by the Jack Wilson family on Telegraph Hill lead to a terrible secret. Within those walls Charles S. Wilson and his sisters suffered relentless heartbreaking physical and mental abuse at the hands of their own sick parents.

Mother Mame was well known as "the loving, caring, down on her luck mother" within the community. What she really was, was one sick abusive, anorexic criminal who had no business caring for anyone. She also had dealings on the outside. From within "that place" came her words of encouragement and enticemment to those on the other side of the front door (the others that is). There she'd beckon to the unsuspecting young, homeless and helpless to step inside and see just what was on the menu...her menu of fine offerings. Eventually they would end up in her kitchen of fine cuisine...as only a sick anorexic mother would want them to do. Why would she want them to do something like that? To gain their trust in order to take contol of their young pliable minds, their sanity, then go to work and ruin their lives. At that she'd simply condition them as she saw fit...turn them into the downtrodden, undeserving and shameful individuals just as she and her children had become. That place was an asylum for all; the residents, the rejected, and lost. It was an institution within itself where criminal abuse raged throughout...on a grand scale!

Then we have their father Jack, who was nothing but an envious, failed, violently abusive alcoholic drunk. He would think nothing of physically and verbally beating his poor son, "little Chucky", onto the living room floor day after day for the amusement of his failed, drunken, alcoholic perverted friends. It was there that shame,fear and failure became the emotions of the day, every day for the remainder of the poor kid's life.

And then, finally, there were Annabelle and Abigail, Wilson's beloved sisters, whose neglected and tortured lives ended all too soon. "That place" was a torture chamber, an asylum, to poor Annie. Her "loving mother" never let up until that poor girl succumbed to it all, abused to death.  Not one word was ever said about it...ever!  Poor Annie never had a chance...she was murdered!

A story of survival, The House on Telegraph Hill, details the abuse Charles Wilson and his sisters suffered and sheds light, not only on his own demoralizing experience, but also on the epidemic of child abuse. His brutally honest stories reveal all of the disguises, sugar-coatings, and lies that abusers heap on their victims. By recounting his dreadful upbringing along with his lifelong struggles, Wilson is finally pushing his story to the forefront to help educate others about the horrors and complexities of child abuse that certainly run rampid in our country today.